Howdy From Austin, Texas

My name is Eric Louviere and I've owned advertising agencies since the mid 1990's.  I started my own ad agency in my mid twenties with just 2k to my name!

I lived in a matchbox apartment back then in the 90's and times were tough trying to make my way with my own advertising & marketing agency.  We provided direct mail, radio, tv and print advertising for local (and a few national) businesses...

We exploded that business to a million dollar company and the rest was history!  That was way back over 20 years ago and I've been helping businesses and professionals get traffic and leads ever since!

I've helped well over 6,000 entrepreneurs get more sales online for 20 years now, and I will continue to roll up my sleeves and help good people like YOU for the rest of my life!

Online, I have had a million dollar week, tons of 500k months and I have changed countless people's lives online.

A little more about me...

I'm a Christian (a Believer) and a father to two beautiful children with my wife Vanessa!  We live in Lake Travis, Texas (just outside Austin) and we are both born and raised Texans.

We love traveling to Cayman Islands (our 2nd home), Seaside/Watercolor Florida, AMI Florida, And Aspen Colorado.  I'm the snowboarder in the family and the rest of the family are skiers.

I'm a huge Texas A&M Aggie sports fanatic, love college sports and we spend a lot of time with my son playing/practicing baseball. I also love grilling BBQ, hitting the gym and hanging out with good friends and family.

As far as my personality... I'm EXTREMELY easy-going but I certainly "tell it like it is" and don't blow smoke in anyone's eyes.  I like to inspire others and can have a bit of "tough love" to me as well.

I'm obsessed with online advertising and marketing, and I have a true passion for coaching and helping people earn more money!  I have a real gift from God on helping businesses identify ways to generate more revenue (A Rainmaker!)

I love to have fun and I love people!

I'm here to serve.

I can TRULY transform your business, that's for sure!  Make no mistake about it, I know my stuff!  I have taken businesses by the hand and catapulted their income through the roof for 20 years now!

I believe you will immediately see you are in good hands here with us!

I will treat you well and take excellent care of you!

My team and I are at your service, and we are ready to get cracking!

Many Blessings,

Eric Louviere
CEO & Founder

Eric has helped & coached THOUSANDS of ordinary people from all around the world to make more sales online for over 17 years now... and he has generated tens of millions as an entrepreneur!!

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